Forest County Potawatomi Community History

The Potawatomi were once a large nation with much land. In the early 1800s, major portions of Potawatomi lands were ceded to the U.S. government, and scattered pockets of Potawatomi across regions of the United States and Canada resulted. Those Potawatomi who remained in Wisconsin became known as the Forest County Potawatomi Community, formally organized under a constitution and bylaws ratified by the Tribe in 1937.

Today, the Forest County Potawatomi Community has an enrolled membership of about 1,400. The reservation covers approximately 12,000 acres of forests, clear lakes and streams, most of which is held in federal trust status. Through revenues from a wide array of business interests, including gaming, the Tribe has been able to invest in the health, wellness, education, environment and future of its people.